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Located in the north of Spain in Cantabria, Playa de Oyambre is home to rolling green hills and crystal-clear waters.

It’s the ideal place to disconnect from Daily stress and reconnect with nature. Whether you want to spend your day with surfing at the beach, go for a bike ride, hike up a hill, or sit on the cliff and enjoy the view and breath-taking sunsets, Oyambre is the place.


Life here is relaxed – enjoy it at your own pace and do what you like, when you feel like it.


Amigos Surf Camp is created with the focus on being as environment-friendly as we can and providing you a memorable Surf camp experience. Utmost of the materials you’ll find in the camp is recycled, up-cycled or sustainably sourced because we want our project to be sustainable from its very foundations. Surfing is one of the oldest sports in the world, created for just one reason – fun! However, it also provides a unique connection with nature and yourself.


We want you to feel this connection including nature with comfort and quality. We want to create a camp to be proud of – something that people can enjoy, and something that works for our environment. It’s the nature and the people who make surfing the best lifestyle around.


It’s time to give back!


Feel like you’ve finally arrived where you always wanted to be. Handmade tents using sustainable, recycled materials. Each one is constructed on a wooden deck to ensure a dry, level floor and to give you a natural, warm feeling. 


Inside, the tent has everything you need including a comfortable bed, electricity, night table and light as standard. All furniture is recycled or handmade by us with clean, minimalistic, quality designs inspired by nature.

Experience eco-friendly Glamping without compromising on quality or comfort.


Make nature your home.


The Cantabrian Coast is located with lots of incredible surf spots, from world-class point breaks and reef breaks to soft beach breaks.​

Our camp is located at Camping Rodero, situated in Oyambre National Park. It’s the perfect location to stay in the camp and enjoy the outdoors. Your lessons will be at playa de Oyambre, just a short 10min walk from the beach where you find wide and gentle beach breaks that are perfect for beginners. There is an excellent surf all year round the Atlantic ocean is consistent and delivers fun waves.


It will take you around 40min. from Santander Airport and 90min. from Bilbao Airport. You can quickly catch a bus ride to Comillas or San Vicente, where we pick you up for free.


We also offer transfers from and to the Airport.




It’s like surfing on concrete, an endless wave with endless possibilities. You can repeat your surf movements over and over again.


It’s just a perfect addition and training for surfing.


Whether you want to cruise around or take lessons to improve your skating and surfing, you will find your Yow boards and safety gear always available at Amigos.


It‘s just like traditional camping, but with a little extra luxury! Our Glamping tents are entirely handmade by ourselves using sustainable, recycled materials, and each one is constructed on a wooden deck to ensure a dry, level floor and to give you a natural, warm feeling.


Relax, breathe and enjoy the new Glamping experience. We want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Your tent is prepared with all your needs that include:

· Comfortable Bed and Mattress 

· Plants and Sustainable Decorations 

· Second Roof to keep your Tent cool 

· Welcome Present and a Drink

· Electricity and Light

· Bedding 

· Night Table 

· Towels


Surfing was invented for only one reason, and that was fun. 


Whether you’ve never stood on a surfboard or want to sharpen your existing surf skills, we can help. The most important thing is to have fun in the water.


The quality of teaching can change everything, and our qualified surf instructors & lifeguards, with years of experience, are going to ensure that you learn most out of your stay.

Have fun, learn more about the ocean and take your surfing to the next level. 


That‘s one thing on the campsite we won't compromise. 

During your stay, you’ll experience our daily changing menu, promising fresh, healthy and local food. We think love goes through the stomach, and our chef is going to let you taste that. Love, passion and only the freshest ingredients will have you experience something truly delicious. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, at Amigos, we take care of all your individual needs and promise you a great culinary experience.


Refresh yourself at our little bar where water, tea, and coffee is available, free of charge, throughout the day. We often have a healthy homemade smoothie being prepared at the bar too! In the evening, our bartender will be on hand to make you a delicious cocktail, pour you a glass of wine, or just grab you a soft drink.  


We offer a free Breathe-Meditation class during your week. Relax, breathe, disconnect for a moment from all the rush, and find a moment of peace. 


Our photo and videographer will be around daily to capture beautiful moments in the sea and around the camp.

The photos will be available to you, for free. If you are interested in a private photo shoot, ask us for more information. 


When was the last time you had a good massage? To add to the relaxation, Amigos offers massages too.


Perfect for those after-surf aches!


Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines physical postures, meditation, relaxation and more. We believe that yoga is not only a perfect addition to surfing, but is also a great way to connect to yourself. Yoga strengthens and relaxes your body and your mind.


Whether you just want to try yoga or you practice every day, with our qualified Yoga teacher you are in good hands.


Take it easy at our chill-out deck.


With a stunning view over Lake Capitan, it is the perfect place to take some calm moments, read a book, enjoy the countryside and have a relaxed time with your amigos. 



We don‘t say we figured everything out yet, but we’re working daily to improve. The Camp is mostly made out of sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible, plus a heap of love. We believe that doing good for the natural environment is a long-term project.

Thinking long-term means, we aim to use high-quality material for better resource conservation over the years. Take a closer look and chat to us about what we are working! 

We are using brands and working with Companies like Vissla, Kun_tiqi and Textil Santanderina, that found solutions to make our daily existence a little more eco-friendly. 




We love art! Our Team has lots of Creative heads, such as a Tattoo Artist, Photo and Videographer, Illustrator, Painter, Apparel and Graphic Designer, Surfboard Shaper, Architect, Art Designer, and even DIY heads.