Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are spoken in the Camp?

Amigos is an International Camp with guests around the World, that's why english is the primary language at Amigos.

Are there any specific arrival/checkout times?

Check in starts at 14:00 pm and is open all day long. We just recommend arriving before 19:30pm to not miss out the amazing BBQ and the Introduction Round at around 21:00 pm. There is no problem with arriving earlier. Checkout is on the following Saturday before 11am. If you have later flights you are welcome to have a last surf or enjoy yourself at the common areas of the camp or at the beach till your shuttle is leaving.

Can I bring my dog to the Surfcamp?

Yes, here in Amigos we love dogs and they are more than welcome. Just make sure you book a private tent or a full tent with friends as we don't know if other guests would be allergic or not willing to share a tent with a dog.

What is the Price for Surflessons?

The Price for the package is 195€ p.p. Our Surflessons are during the whole week except on wednesdays and Saturdays.We offer a package of 5 Lessons, each lesson is 2 hours long. Also in the package included is 1 theory lesson and Video correction. Normally we prefer the morning sessions to start the day right ;D

Can I book less than a week?

No you can't. We just offer weekly stays from Saturday to Saturday. Like this we make sure the Group can become like a little family and in the Surf Lessons we can provide the maximum of comfort for everyone.

Can we stay in our own Van and join the Amigos?

Yes sure you can, you will just have to make a normal booking and pay the normal amount. We will cover the costs for the Parking slot and it's only possible if the Camp doesn't get busier than 38 guests.

How do I get to the Camp?

We offer Airport transfers from Bilbao 80€ p.p and Santander 40€ p.p. Alternatively there are bus companies which bring you to Comillas or San Vicente de la Barquera from where we pick you up for free.

What are the opening Times 2024?

The Opening times for the season 2024 are from the 1st of June till the 21st of September. We just accept bookings from Saturday to Saturday.

Are there non-surfing activities available?

Absolutely! We offer yoga sessions, massages, ping pong tables, surf skating, coastal hikes, and cultural city tours for those seeking activities beyond surfing.

What's the local area like?

Our camp is situated in a vibrant area with beautiful beaches, charming local attractions, breathtaking views, few Bars and Restaurants up the hill and around the corner :D We also have 2 little towns next to us which are always worth a visit.(Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera)

What's included in the package cost?

Our package covers accommodations, breakfast buffet, lunch, three-course dinners, entertainment, surf equipment, surf skate, and select additional activities.

What is the Average Age of the Guests?

There are no strict age restrictions and the weeks are really different. However, our camp is designed for adults and young adults looking for an enjoyable surf experience.Perfect for Solotravelers in the mid twenties.

What's the daily schedule like?

A normal day at Amigos Starts with some Surflessons. After that you're gonna enjoy a world class breakfast with all the tasty and healthy things to give you energy for the day. After that you can go back to the beach for some more surfing/beach volleyball or just have a relaxing nap at the beach or Camp. After that, you will enjoy some Yoga class, Surfskate lesson and maybe a quick round of ping pong before the 3 course dinner. Every evening we have Entertainment like Music Bingo, Quiz Night, Sunset walks, live music and much more. And after that the motivated party people can continue parting 5 mins away in a beautiful outside Bar.

What level of surfing experience is required?

All levels are welcome, and our camp caters predominantly to beginners. Our instructors are experienced in teaching newcomers to surfing.Each Surfclass is 2 hours and with a maximum of 8 students per Coach.

Do I need to bring my own surfboard/Wetsuit?

We provide surfboards and necessary equipment for all Guests.We have a wide range of Softboard from 6.0-9.0 ft.No need to bring your own unless you prefer to use a specific board. As Well we have high quality wetsuits(3/2)from Vissla in the Sizes XS-XXL.

What should I pack?

Essentials include swimwear, sunscreen, ,comfortable clothing for warm weather and chili nights especially in September, flip-flops, beach-towel, and maybe some casual wear for evenings.

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