A Taste of Guatemala.

Hello YOU! Before you start reading be aware, this is like my first blog post ever and I'm not quite sure what I am doing here, but let's try...


We are at the end of a three months trip through central America. Countless waves, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets. Living the simple life, fishing when it's flat, afternoons siestas and many cold 'cervezas' but that's a different story.

We are heading to Guatemala for our last weeks. I have an invitation from our good friend Fran, a tall handsome rasta from the south of Spain that fell in love years ago with Nicaragua, and ever since he is working with Rise Up Surf retreats, where we met a couple of years ago working together. So he asked if I wanted to join Rise up retreats in Guatemala working as a surf instructor. It didn't took me a second to say yes, I mean just the sound of Guatemala sounds amazing right, and don't get me wrong but also Rise Up always takes care of their people. Free transfer from Nicaragua to Guatemala, food, drinks, payments and good company, kinda a sponsored surf trip with the boys. Amazing right !?

We packing the surfboards, looks like the trip is led by Fran, Matt, me and 7 huge surfboards with 17 surfboards. Yes I didn't mention that we had to bring all the surfboards for the retreat from Nicaragua to Guatemala in a public Bus transfer hahaha.

It was a pretty fun trip, looking like pro surfers on the way to get sick waves and shoot a movie or something. In reality, we were sitting in a small packed bus with an air conditioner barely working and 35 degrees burning down on us, bad petrol station food and lots of smokes in between, yeah maybe not what we expected but actually exactly what we should have expected...

Finally Guatemala we made it through the border, Sun is low and we're heading to our first destination, Antigua is a small city located in a valley surrounded by vulcanos, and not just any, there is one that erupts every 10 to 15 minutes isn't that crazy, by night time we could see the red glowing lava shooting out such an incredible experience and highly recommendable.

We were lucky enough to spend two amazing days at Antigua having good coffees, amazing meals...  One of the highlights for me was the market, there's literally nothing you can't find, where fruits and veggies are so colorful, fresh and tasty you would never wanted to go to a supermarket anymore.

Playa Paredon is calling and the  Rise up Surf retreats are on. Two weeks of surfing, yoga, healthy food, and only good vibes; That's the special thing about Rise up, you can always expect an amazing time, filled with lots of adventures, and an open and warm family vibe. Not mention the boat trips, everyone that has been going to relate on that haha. On top of all the resort that we were staying at was like a natural paradise, its called SWELL, gotta check this out!

Alright, if you ask yourself when I'm finally talking about waves, well to be honest the day we arrived it started pumping might be amazing when you keen to get big closeouts and an ass whooping for literally two weeks,  I mean that's part of the deal but when you come for a short amount of time anyone can relate that it sucks.

But in the end, it was an incredible time filled with amazing memories and even more amazing people, also thanks to the Rise Up crew for making this weeks very special.